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Are you sure you are recycling plastic bottles the right way?

How to recycle a plastic bottles step by step

In Italy people consume a lot of bottled water: we are even number one in Europe. So, once they have been used, what happens to all the plastic bottles? Obviously, they must be thrown out and recycled. But not everyone knows how to do it correctly and many make a very common mistake. Let's clear up any doubts on the correct way to recycle of plastic bottles by answering some frequently asked questions and find some sustainable alternatives with the help of Acea Waidy Wow!

How can I recycle plastic bottles?

It may seem like a trivial question, but it isn’t. For example: what are the odds that before throwing them out, you crush the plastic bottles from top to bottom to reduce their size? Well, doing this is actually wrong! And it’s one of the most common mistakes.

Here are the crucial steps for recycling plastic bottles correctly:

  • empty it out completely and rinse it (only if it contained a liquid other than water);
  • squeeze the bottle lengthwise and close it with the cap;
  • Collect the PET bottles in a separate bag.

Following these guidelines will make the process of recycling plastic bottles easier. In any case, always inquire your municipality about indications specific to your community.

What should I do with the caps and labels?

Despite being made of different materials, the caps should always be screwed back on the plastic bottle to recycle after it’s been crushed. Why? Simple: this way the bottles will keep their shape so the sorting machines will recognize them more easily. This will also prevent the bottles from falling down from the conveyor belts.

As for the labels, there is no need to remove them. The separation of different materials will take place automatically during the recycling process.

Recycling plastic bottles: a more sustainable option

Recycling plastic bottles is essential to reduce pollution. But each and every one of us can do even more to make the planet healthier and more livable. The first step? Obvious: buying and consuming less plastic bottles.

Here's what you can start doing today: at home, choose tap water and drinks on tap. Instead, when you are out and about, bring a water bottle with you and fill it up at the public drinking fountains: finding the nearest drinking fountain is just click away on the Acea Waidy Wow app!