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Do you know how much water you need each day?

Daily water intake

We all know that we human beings are made 70% of water. It’s a crucial element, rich in minerals that are essential for our well-being. But how much water should each person drink every day to keep their body healthy? Let’s talk about daily water intake, see how to meet it and how to calculate individual needs.

Why is water so important?

It may seem redundant to say it again, but it bears repeating: water is crucial for our lives. Drinking and staying hydrated is essential to keep our body fully functioning, especially when it is hot. In fact, water plays a very important role in our body.
A few examples? Water:

  • acts as a solvent for both inorganic and organic compounds
  • promotes our body’s thermoregulation
  • allows enzymes to work properly
  • helps dissolve electrolytes

Not bad, right?
In short, drinking water (and, above all, drinking enough of it) is key to our well-being. But how much is a person’s daily water intake?

How to calculate your daily water intake

Our body is able to self-regulate and uses the stimulus of thirst to let us know that we should drink. Be careful, though... by the time this stimulus arrives, our body is already slightly dehydrated!
Therefore, it’s important to drink water before we feel thirsty.

So, how much water should you drink? The answer is not that simple. The amount depends on several factors. The Ministry of Health prepared some guidelines, setting a few reference values that should be considered in “moderate” environmental situations - not excessive heat conditions or average levels of physical activity.

Let’s take a look at some data:

Daily water intake data Open the infographic

So how much water does a baby need?

The Ministry of Health’s data shows that the daily water intake for a child changes according to age. Infants have a higher percentage of water in their bodies than an adult. When they grow, other factors come into play, so a different amount of water intake is associated with different phases of life.

How much water does an adult need?

From adolescence to advanced age, daily water intake remains virtually unchanged. The only difference is between males and females. If you are wondering why, the answer is quite simple: for the same weight, women genetically tend to have a greater volume of adipose tissue, which, unlike muscle, contains less water. Therefore, water intake is estimated at 2 litres of water per day for women and 2.5 litres for men.

By the way, do we really have to drink all this water every day?

Food provides water as well!

When it comes to water intake, we usually only think about what we drink. When in reality, we also get water from other sources in our daily diet. That’s right: even food is a precious source of water!

Foods rich in water, with over 80% of the total, certainly include fresh fruit and vegetables. Cow and plant milk is an important source of water as well. Then, there are eggs, meat, fish, fresh cheeses… and even ice cream!

Did you know that daily water intake can change?

We talked about average values, but we also said that daily water intake can change. But what does this mean?

It means that when we exercise a lot or during a hot day, we sweat more. As a result, we have to drink more water. For this reason, one of the most popular tips during summer is to drink plenty of water and eat more fruit and vegetables.

Water loss becomes more significant in these conditions, so you should drink more without waiting until you feel thirsty.

And if you forget to drink often, don’t worry. You can count on apps like Acea Waidy Wow that remind you to drink often and let you <strong>track your daily hydration</strong> to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Not at home? Bring a water bottle with you!

To always be able to drink while out and about, it is useful to bring a water bottle with you. Waterbottles can be thermal and non-thermal and come in different sizes, countless colours and patterns. With a water bottle, we can also avoid buying water in plastic bottles, a true act of love and responsibility towards the environment!

And to always fill the bottle with fresh, free water, just take a look at the map on the Acea Waidy Wow App, which shows you the nearest public water fountains.

Acea Waidy Wow also keeps you up to date on the quality of the water that you are drinking, and it gives you an active role in protecting our water, a precious asset. You can report in real-time any damage or malfunction you may find.

By doing so, you’re taking care of yourself and the environment around you. Because a sustainable future is a plastic-free future where we are all more responsible, involved, and active.