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Water waste: from data to actions

Water wast

Water is a precious commodity, the most precious we have. We all know this. Yet water waste is still a very serious problem in Italy and in most countries of the world, with dizzying numbers to prove it. A trend that must be reversed, via the accountability of individual citizens, but above all through the commitment of governments and businesses. Let's find out more.

The waste of drinking water: dizzying numbers!

Have you ever seen the data on water waste in Italy? Finding this out will help you understand the extent of a problem that cannot be ignored.

  • In Italy, we waste 104,000 liters of water per second. Just do the math and find out that this amounts to 9 billion liters per day!
  • The amount of wasted drinking water is 42% of all the water flowing along the aqueduct network, that is 500,000 km long.

You don't need to be an expert in the field to understand that these numbers are troubling.

Water scarcity: a problem that affects everyone

Most people are led to believe that the problem of water scarcity concerns only those who live in developing countries or in areas affected by drought. Wrong. Even in our country, in fact, there are many households that are forced to cope with water rationing.

According to some recent CNR studies1, 70% of Sicily is already at risk of desertification, as is a fifth of the entire Italian territory.

In many areas of the world, drought is an increasingly pressing problem. And it does not concern "only" the lack of drinking water, but also the lack of sanitation.

And the future is everything but rosy. In the coming decades, due to ongoing climate change and the effect of global warming, we will experience increasingly violent atmospheric and environmental phenomena, followed by long periods of drought, with inevitable consequences on agriculture and water availability.

Good news: we can change!

To reverse the trend, everyone must take part in the change. We have already talked about the 10 ways to reduce the waste of water at home but, above all, governments and companies must step up their commitment, with adequate development plans that aim to reduce the waste of water and energy.

And it is precisely to discuss these issues that Acea Waidy Wow with Acea is taking part in Ecomondo, the most important green event on sustainable technological innovation in Europe. This is a precious opportunity to show their commitment to the environment with hi-tech water fountains and the App that helps users locate public water fountains and reduce single plastic use.

1 Source: CNR