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Do you want to do something for the planet? Say goodbye to these 10 items!

Sustainable packaging

Saving the planet is a mission that involves us all. Whilst it is vital that world leaders commit to reaching ambitious targets in order to save our planet, it is equally important that as individuals we commit to adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. So, what can we do to reduce pollution? Luckily, whether in the office or out to lunch, there are plenty of commonplace items that we can easily eliminate from our daily routine in order to reduce the impact we have on our planet. Let's find out together what they are.

Less paper napkins

When we go get coffee, how many napkins do we waste? A glance at the bins will tell you all you need to know. To reduce pollution, on your next trip only take the napkins you really need.

Say no to sugar sachets

We need to adopt the same principle to sugar sachets. Half of them end up unused, and in addition to the waste, it's not even good for our bodies! People often use more sugar than they really need, when in reality coffee tastes better without it.

Disposable cups: avoidable waste

On the same topic, another completely avoidable waste are disposable coffee cups – so much so that MPs in London are considering introducing a 25p tax1 per cup in order to discourage their use.

Disposable plastic items

Using disposable plastic items is a terrible habit. We're talking about plastic cutlery, disposable water bottles, straws and caps.

Consumption of water in plastic bottles has increased all over the world – in Italy alone around about 7 billion2 bottles are sold each year. We could put a stop to this proliferation by simply using refillable bottles and finding the nearest public water fountain on the Acea Waidy Wow App. If you find yourself with no option other than to buy a bottle of water, you can still do your part by saving the caps and donating them to voluntary associations who sell them to raise money for charity.

Avoid Q-tips

Cotton Q-tips also fall into the category of disposable or "single-use" waste items, and represent a real scourge on our environment. The European Environment Agency estimates that over 100 million3 have washed up on our beaches.

No to wasting food and packaging

Another excellent habit to adopt is asking for a doggy bag so we don't waste leftover food at the restaurant. And while we're on the subject of food, we cannot fail to mention food delivery services that are literally filling our cities with packaging. The solution? We can try to limit the use of these services or ask that they deliver our food in returnable containers.

Article by the editorial staff of NonSprecare

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