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How do we fight drought?

Water wast

Water is synonymous with life, wellbeing and health, for people and the planet. Acea Waidy Wow is constantly striving to raise awareness of the importance of water resources, valuing and encouraging responsible hydration.

Each of us should make a daily commitment to protect and preserve this primary good, especially in view of summer and possible drought periods, by adopting a series of great little habits that can help the environment.

The planet is thirsty too! What is drought?

The drought is a more or less frequent climatic phenomenon, mainly linked to temporary shortages of water resources in certain areas of the planet. The causes affecting the world's water supply are not only physical, it is an interaction between man and nature. In general, a period of drought is mainly caused by a reduction in atmospheric precipitation. When the planet's water needs are not met, there can be consequences in every ecosystem : exactly as it happens in the human organism.

The drought in Italy in 2022 has affected many regions, helped by the rising temperatures in recent weeks: little rainfall, often damaging, has brought hail and strong winds to crops and caused problems for many cultivations.

Water is a fundamental element in any sphere of life. Every living being needs water to survive, to cultivate, to complete daily tasks such as cooking! We can define four different types of drought, based on the direct causes and consequences of each:

  • Meteorological drought : occurs when the level of precipitation falls below the average for a given period;
  • Agricultural when the water deficit affects the soil, with an impact on plant growth and consequently yields;
  • Hydrological due to reduced rainfall, watercourses and water resources are reduced for a given period;
  • Socio-economic is given by the imbalance between water supply and demand of the population.

10 small big gestures for a more hydrated world

Each of us can do something to protect water. Acea Waidy Wow accompanies us in the fight against drought with 10 small green behaviours.

The most important behaviour is undoubtedly to rationalise consumption and optimise water waste, a habit that should run through every simple daily gesture: from cooking to laundry and gardening.

  1. Try to use your washing machine and dishwasher only when fully loaded! In this way you can save electricity and avoid wasting water;
  2. Install a flow reducer for taps: this device saves more than 6 litres of water per household!
  3. Choose a cool shower instead of a bath in the bathtub, you can save up to 1,200 litres of drinking water every year;
  4. Wash fruit and vegetables in a basin, avoiding running water;
  5. Immediately afterwards, collect the washing water in a reusable container and water your plants;
  6. Don't miss the appointment with the technician! Try to repair any leaks or malfunctions to avoid hidden waste;
  7. Set your washing machine not above 30 degrees to wash your clothes: in addition to lowering the electricity bill, this mode as well as to lowering the electricity bill, this mode allows you to reduce CO2 emissions and protects the environment;
  8. Avoid washing your car with running water: use a bucket to rinse, or buy an effective dry cleaner;
  9. If you have to iron, charge your iron with waste water from your dehumidifier or air conditioner;
  10. Instead of using a running water jet, defrost food in the microwave in the fridge or in a bowl.